About Lisa


I am a passionate vegan artist, environmentalist and yogi! I use my artwork to encourage compassion towards ourselves, towards animals and towards this truly beautiful planet. 

Why Veganism? 

I am vegan because I want to live my life in a way that causes the least harm to the planet and the other animals we live here with. I want to stand up for the animals who are bred in to industries who treat them as products and entertainment.  I want to live with compassion and kindness at my core. 


How it all began 

I have always loved to paint and draw, coming from a creative family of artists and musicians.  I didn't always know what to paint about and often gravitated towards human portraits. However, In 2015, I became a vegan and the subject of my art started to change.  After initially becoming vegan for health reasons (having previously been vegetarian for a few years), I researched the dairy and egg industry along with many other industries exploiting animals and the planet and I was horrified. Over the following two years I became extremely passionate about animal rights, the planet and mental health and wellbeing.  Painting became my way of communicating how I felt about issues that were close to my heart and, in 2017, Rekindle By Lisa was born (back then it was called Rekindle Clothing) 

Rekindle By Lisa has been my way of advocating veganism and eco friendly living. I decided early on that it was fundamental that my work have as little impact on the planet as possible and I began upcycling used items, such as jackets and jeans, in to pieces of activist art. Through my work, I have raised awareness, raised money for charities and vegan sanctuaries and planted trees.

Self -Love Art

In 2020, during lock down, I began painting large canvases as a therapeutic emotional outlet for my thoughts and feelings. I wanted to use my art to encourage people to speak about mental health and realise it is part of being human and needs to be discussed openly without fear or judgement. I started painting pieces to shine a light on the practices that have helped me manage my own anxiety and I hope that they can inspire and encourage others to begin a self love practice and live healthier, happier lives. 

Get to know the artist

As an introvert, I have a rich inner world, full of creativity and inspiration. I live a simple life and consider myself to be a minimalist. Painting makes me happy and I cannot believe I get to do it every day for a living! I paint at home in my flat that I share with my wonderful husband and my two cheeky little rescue rabbits, Bonnie and Belle, who are often running from room to room making mischief! 

 In my down time, I practice yoga, qi gong and meditation. All of which are incredibly important to me and my wellbeing. I love to burn my favourite essential oil and journey inside my mind to find serenity. I am a passionate cook! I love experimenting and making up my own vegan recipes! I adore nature and often wonder in local woodlands or along the beach where I live, sometimes just standing right on the edge of the beach, looking out at the expanse of blue and feeling so much admiration for this absolutely unbelievable planet! 

Thank you so much for reading 




Raising money for charities & sanctuaries

 Every piece sold from my PLANT A TREE collection, plants a tree or helps to restore the coral reef.


10% of every print sold, goes to an animal rights charity or vegan sanctuary.


You can view all charity pieces here

I regularly create artwork for charity 

Some of the charities and sanctuaries

I have supported with my work include:

​Animal Aid


 Surfers Against Sewage

Animal Free Research UK

 Hugletts Wood Animal Sanctuary

 Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

 The Retreat Animal Sanctuary

Born Free

Save The Elephants

 Tower Hill Stables Sanctuary

 The Surf and Turf Sanctuary

Sea Shepherd

Iowa Farm Sanctuary

Ellie Mae Sanctuary

League Against Cruel Sports

Reef Restoration Foundation

The Big V sanctuary

Fur Free Alliance

Pear Tree Sanctuary


Why Upcycling and recycling?

We live in a time of over consumerism. So many new products are constantly being produced and people are buying new items with little thought about the environmental impact of their purchases. As a minimalist and environmentalist, It is incredibly important to me that my artwork has as little impact on our beautiful planet as possible and, therefore, I adore finding pre loved materials to upcycle in to art work. I use postal packaging that has come through my letter box, I find off cuts of hardboard and wood and I use pre loved clothing- all as canvases for my art. When it comes to prints, I use recycled or FSC certified papers to ensure that I live as gently on the Earth as possible. 


Planting Trees

Deforestation is a huge issue and, restoring some of that damage, is vital. Because of this,  I plant a tree with every sale from the 'Live Gently' Collection. 

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Watercolour painting of an orangutan