Are you Vegan yourself?

Yes! I have been vegan since 2015 and i'm vegan for life!

What paints do you use?

For my original wall art, I use a mix of paints. I use Little Greene wall paints and Earthborn clay paints which are both eco friendly brands. I also use a little bit of acrylic.

For patches and jackets I use Pebeo fabric paints which are water based. 


I only use paints that have no animal products in.

What materials do you paint on? 

I often find wood, hardboard, mdf and plywood that is used, left over from people's DIY projects or unwanted and being thrown away! I like to rescue that kind of material from landfill and turn it in to art. I love painting on second hand fabric- particularly denim as it is thick and there is so much of it in charity shops and online auctions.  I also occasionally paint on FSC certified, vegan friendly art papers and I have painted on vegan canvas in the past. 

Why do you upcycle pre loved materials?

Upcycling is really important to me. I strongly believe that over consumerism, fast fashion and mindless buying are incredibly harmful to the planet. I want to encourage more people to consider re using items, upcycling items and repairing items before buying brand new, unsustainable products. 

What is your work inspired by?

Nature, mindfulness, slow living, compassion, love, respect, positivity! I believe that every animal on Earth should be treated with respect and kindness. I hope for a healthier planet and I hope that more people can adopt a slower pace of life so that everybody can take time to notice the beauty of nature and the many wonders there are to behold. I believe that the first step to creating a healthier planet is for us all to notice just how special it is. My work is inspired by that beauty and my hope for positive change for the Earth, animals and ourselves. 

What packaging do you ship items in? 

I ship prints in clear compostable sleeves with recycled grey-board backing for extra protection. I post them in hard-backed paper envelopes. 

Patches are packaged in A6 recycled envelopes and shipped in a hard-backed paper envelope. 

Original art varies depending on size, but it is usually wrapped in tissue paper or brown paper and set in cardboard envelopes or corrugated card. 

Jackets are wrapped in tissue paper or brown paper and shipped in paper bags or compostable corn starch mailing bags. 

Needle felted animals are wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in cardboard boxes.

Stickers are wrapped in tissue paper and sent in hard-backed paper envelopes. 

I use paper tape for the most part, but for international orders, I occasionally strengthen or protect packages with 100% recycled plastic tape. 

Do you ship worldwide?


Which Artwork raises money for charities? 

Most of my work raises money for charities or vegan sanctuaries. You can see all of the pieces that raise money here

Which artwork plants trees?

All of my original wall art with the slogan 'Live gently Upon This Earth' plants a tree. 

How long have you been an artist? 

I have been working as a professional artist since 2017, but I have been creating art work for as long as I can remember!

Where do you sell your artwork? 

I sell mostly online. My full stock can be found here in my online shop and on Etsy. 

I also sell patches at 'The Green Kitchen' vegan cafe in Brighton and I sell prints at Solihull Zero Waters shop in Solihull!