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These powerful words are really what inspired me to start Rekindle By Lisa. 
It was early 2017 and I was walking with my husband along the beautiful cliff top near my home, the sun setting over the sea. 
On this early evening, I could not focus on the beauty around me because I was filled with a feeling of helplessness and frustration. Becoming vegan two years previous had been the best decision I ever made, along with taking up yoga and living simply. I had stumbled across a way of life that just 'fit'. It felt so right. However, as I learnt more about the suffering of animals and the planet, I began to feel empty and unfulfilled. On this beautiful evening, I remember saying to my husband 'I want to do more. My heart aches for these animals. My heart aches for this planet. I NEED to do more’. 

It wasn't until I stumbled across some second- hand jackets in a charity shop a few weeks later that the idea hit me! I could decorate them and promote upcycling. I could decorate them with animal rights and environmental art work! And so I bought those first two jackets- and then I found 4 more a few days later! I had six jackets to decorate, some second hand clothes to cut up and decorate them with and a few small pots of fabric paint. I chose to create a cow, a tiger, some wildflowers, a butterfly, a hare and a bear on those jackets. In May of 2017, I put those 6 jackets in a brand new Etsy shop, which, at the time, I called Rekindle Clothing. To my surprise, I sold the first one within a couple of weeks, and the others soon followed! 

I remember thinking 'This is it!- this is how I help!' I decided early on to use my artwork to help raise money for charities and sanctuaries and I have now truly found a path of activism that fits perfectly with my creative, quiet nature. 
Since then I have been creating piece after piece of activist artwork and I hope, so deeply, that my work has helped, in some small way, to save some animals and restore some of our beautiful planet.

Raising money for charities & sanctuaries

Each month, I create a piece of artwork to raise money for an animal rights charity or a vegan sanctuary. I also create raffle and auction pieces for vegan sanctuaries. Every piece I sell from my Live Gently collection, plants a tree or helps to restore the coral reef.


You can view all charity pieces here

Some of the charities and sanctuaries I have supported with my work include:
​Animal Aid, Viva!, Surfers Against Sewage, Animal Free Research UK, Hugletts Wood Animal Sanctuary, Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary, The Retreat Animal Sanctuary, Born Free, Save The Elephants, Tower Hill Stables Sanctuary, The Surf and Turf Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd and many more! 

Why Second Hand?

There are many environmental and ethical issues surrounding fast fashion.
My goal is to encourage up-cycling by breathing new life in to pre loved clothing and showing people that a little creativity and imagination can re vamp something 'old' in to something new and exciting.


Planting Trees

Deforestation is a huge issue and, restoring some of that damage, is vital. Because of this,  I plant a tree every time I sell an item from my 'Live Gently' Collection. 
This doesn't mean that I plant a tree myself! I donate to charities that have a team of skilled volunteers planting trees in the areas that need it most. ​

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