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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. 

I am Lisa Skelly and I live in a small seaside town in the UK with my lovely husband and my gorgeous little boy. 

I began simple living almost a decade ago when I moved out of the city, quit my job and moved to a small static caravan on a cliff top! During the five years I lived there, I learned to live with less and I discovered the beauty and freedom of this way of life. I carried this mindset with me in to my new home and motherhood.

Simple living has gifted me the time to discover so many passions and self care practices that I never would have found had I been rushing though my life. 

Through this slow, intentional life style, I leant to cook. I became plant based quite early on in my journey and went from someone who felt hopeless and uninspired in the kitchen to someone who adored creating colourful, nourishing meals that gave me energy, joy and peace. 

I learnt a lot about nutrition along the way and have become so passionate about fuelling myself and my family with great food everyday. 

I started a daily yoga practice that quickly became a huge part of my life. I describe yoga as magic. There is no other word for it! It's magic! I love it so much that I studied hatha and vinyasa and became qualified to teach. 

I dusted off my old paint brushes that I hadn't used since school and I started painting again. Such a therapeutic activity that actually developed in to my next career. I opened an online shop to sell my art in 2017 and have been working as an artist ever since. 

Every day I walked along the cliff top, blown away by the beauty of it. I would think to myself 'this planet is special'. I started to learn how to look after it. I looked at the small actions and life changes i could make to live gently and more sustainable in my every day life. 

During lock down, so many of use were forced to slow down, stay home, take up hobbies and let things go. As an introvert, I thrived during this time. I took up gardening. Ever since, come spring, I sow seeds that sprout and grow in to amazing fruit and veggies that I use to feed my family.  

When I became a mama in 2022, I developed a new passion- and the biggest one to date- my son! My world. Motherhood has been a total rollercoaster and I think i have every emotion possible, and often all at once!I have never needed simple living and self care more that I do now!

And this is how this website and youtube vlog was born. During my slow days being a stay at home mamma- soaking up all of the beautiful moments and leaning on my passions to get me through the challenges.

I am so excited to share my simple little life  and my art work with you!


Choosing to living with less has given me more than I could have ever imagined. 

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