7 Simple Swaps Towards An Eco Friendly Bathroom!

When I first became aware of plastic pollution and sustainability, the first place I made eco friendly swaps was the bathroom. I found it the easiest place to make these changes because there are so many alternatives available. I have tried and tested a few various plastic free/ earth friendly products over the past 5 years and these are my favourites!


I love this toothpaste. I have tried a few of the brands of natural toothpaste who sell their products in glass jars, and this is, by far, my favourite. I have used it for about 3 years and have found no other toothpaste that leaves my mouth feeling so fresh! It takes a little getting used to! It doesn't foam and it is clay based, so it doesn't look all lovely and white and clean. In fact, It looks like you are brushing dirt in to your teeth (hmm.. am I doing a good job at selling this to you?!) BUT, stick with it, you get used t