An Eco Friendly, Vegan Christmas

This year (2020) will be my 5th Christmas as a vegan! In my pre vegan days, I LOVED Christmas. It was, by far, my favourite time of year and it felt so magical to me. When I became vegan, I started questioning Christmas. How can it be such a happy, magical time of year, when so people are eating turkeys and pigs in blankets, indulging in dairy chocolates and desserts, cheese boards, tiny plastic toys in novelty crackers, over consumerism, presents packaged in plastic, plastic and more plastic... and, unfortunately, the list goes on. As I thought about these things, I was filled with sadness and Christmas lost it's magic.

However, this year I am bringing the magic back!

This post is for anyone else who, like me, lost the Christmas magic when they became vegan. Here are the things I am doing to keep Christmas happy- for us, for the animals and for the planet.