3 surprise prints! (Seconds)

3 surprise prints! (Seconds)

💕3 SURPRISE Recycled A4 Art Prints!

Eco Friendly Art Prints on recycled, un-coated 150 gsm A4 Paper, printed with vegetable based inks.


☀️These prints are seconds, meaning that they have very small imperfections or may be in perfect condition but have my old shop name printed on them. This is why they are heavily discounted. Most of the prints have slightly damaged corners, which shouldn't matter or be visible when you put them in frames.

🌼There are many designs available and you will receive 3 prints, each of a DIFFERENT design. Please note that most of the prints are influenced by animal rights and veganism and would be perfect gifts for vegans and eco conscious people.

The prints are A4 size and will come packaged in a compostable sleeve