A3 Recycled Paperboard Vegan Original Painting

A3 Recycled Paperboard Vegan Original Painting

🌸 The inspiration for this piece came from my enthusiasm for the vegan lifestyle. Being vegan brings so much abundance, so much compassion, so much love and purpose to my life- there is absolutely nothing that would make me want to live any other way. As a vegan, I stand for peace, justice, love, equality and I stand for hope. Hope for a better world and a more compassionate human race.🌸

I have painted this piece on to recycled paperboard using a mix of eco paint and acrylic. All paints are vegan friendly. The paper board was the back of my sketch book! Why not turn it in to art?! I weaved twine through the ring binder holes left along the top to create a cool, unique way to hang this piece on a wall! 

The painting has a string attached so that it can easily hang on a wall.

The painting size: A3

42 x 29.7 x 0.2 cm

*Please note that my work is for personal use only and may not be copied or re sold.*


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