Animal Companion Upcycled Portraits

Animal Companion Upcycled Portraits

I am now offering a portrait service for our beloved animal companions. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FULLY BEFORE ORDERING.

These wall hangings are made out of used postal packaging, hand painted, hand cut and created with a whole lot of love and care 💕

They make a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone with a special furry friend or two!

Each piece is created from scratch and will be completely unique to you. They are A6 sized, small keepsakes to display proudly on your wall. You can choose the background colour and the name(s). I will then use your photos to create small cardboard paintings of your pet and use my creative judgment to create the final piece.

🌸I can paint and create the following animals: Dogs, cats, rabbits, Guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils, rescue pigs and rescue cows. If you have animal companions that I haven't mentioned, please message me before ordering.


Follow these instructions for your custom piece:


1. Select from the drop down menu the amount of pets you want on the piece. Currently the only options are 1 or 2 animals.


2. Select the colour you would like for your background


3.  After completing the purchase, please email me at and attach 2/3 high quality photos of your animal companion following these guidelines:


• The photos need to be in a good, bright light (daylight).

• At least one photo needs to have the full body

• At least one photo needs a close up of the face

• Please send photos of your furry friend face on, not the side profile or back)


Allow up to 2 weeks for me to create and send your artwork (May be longer in busy periods)

🌱As it is made from thick corrugated card and layered to be 3D, it is not suitable for a regular frame, but could fit in a box frame.
It has a string attached to the back which can be hooked over a nail and hung on to the wall or, it may fit in a box frame. I would recommend hanging it on a wall where it will not get wet.

🌎 I use second hand materials as a way to help our beautiful planet. Every new item created has an impact on the planet, so re using materials that already exist is a brilliant (and fun) way to help save our home 💕 Why buy newly produced paper or card products to paint on, when I already have a box?!

  • Artwork uses

    🌼 Please note that my artwork is for personal use and is not to be copied or re sold🌼


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So so beautiful. Gives me tears just looking at it. Especially when being vegan myself. Art like this is so powerful and has such a true and important meaning!