'Ellie Mae & Zee' Charity patches for Ellie Mae Sanctuary

'Ellie Mae & Zee' Charity patches for Ellie Mae Sanctuary

A set of 2 original, one- off hand painted patches to raise money for Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary, a U.S vegan sanctuary. All of the profit from this sale will go to them. 


This makes a beautiful gift for a passionate vegan. The pack comes with 2 hand painted fabric sew on patches of Ellie Mae and Zee. The patches are presented inside a hand drawn and painted kraft card with a printed story inside, detailing how Ellie Mae and Zee came to live at the Ellie Mae Sanctuary. 


The patches are both 12x 11cm and can be washed at 40 degrees 


Ellie Mae was born at the University of Connecticut in 2016 as H864D. Mackensie (the founder of the sanctuary) met her when she was 3 months old when she had to “train” Ellie for my Animal Science course. At the end of the class assignment Ellie Mae was sent to auction. Mackensie knew she had to do something to save Ellie, so she attempted to win her during the auction, but, unfortunately, she was outbid by a farmer. For the next three years, Billy and Mackensie would visit Ellie every weekend and eventually the farmer agreed to surrender Ellie Mae to us. On May 31, 2019 she came home to live at the sanctuary.


Zee is Ellie Mae’s first and only calf. She was born on September 16, 2018 The farmer who had Ellie Mae was not willing to also surrender Zee, but eventually gave in and Zee came to live at the sanctuary with her mom. They now get to live the rest of their lives together in peace. 


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