'Explore' Original Mixed Media Art on Recycled Hardboard

'Explore' Original Mixed Media Art on Recycled Hardboard

💕This piece is called 'Explore'.  Walking and exploring nature is such a beautiful form of mindfulness. This piece is about finding a place you have never been and exploring it with fresh eyes- seeing everything for the first time. Fully taking in the sounds of the birds singing, the leaves rustling- the earthy smells of the trees and the fresh cool air against your cheeks. Noticing all of life around you and being fully present in that moment ðŸ’•

I have painted this piece on to recycled hardboard using a mix of eco paint, acrylic and fine line pen. The flowers and the silhouette are made from used postal packaging, carefully hand cut, hand painted and then glued in to place to create a 3D effect. 

The painting has a string attached so that it can easily hang on a wall.

The painting size:  (H) 21.1 x  (W) 14.9 x  (D) 0.3 cm

🌼 I collect unwanted hardboard from people who have no use for it and want to throw it out. Instead of letting it head to landfill, I up-cycled it in to compassionate artwork!

*Please note that my work is for personal use only and may not be copied or re sold.*