'Gratitude' Eco Friendly A4 Recycled Print

'Gratitude' Eco Friendly A4 Recycled Print

🌸This is an A4 print of my original painting 'Gratitude'. Printed on 250gsm recycled card. It will come packaged in a compostable sleeve in a cardboard envelope.

☀️ I truly believe that, the more people can learn the power of gratitude, the better our world will be. Every single day I make a list of the things I have been most grateful for that day- a hug from a loved one, a warm cup of tea, the comfort of my bed, the birds singing in my garden. Gratitude is a mindful practice- noticing the magic in the smallest moments and appreciating them completely. Magic!

297 x 210 mm

Please note that my artwork is for personal use only and may not be copied or re sold