Hand painted, Original, Upcycled 3D Fox Wall Art

Hand painted, Original, Upcycled 3D Fox Wall Art

💕This is a piece of original hand painted, up-cycled art work made by me! Every piece of cardboard is cut by hand, painted by hand, glued by hand.... It's all done by hand with tons of love and care!
It is a 3D art piece using layers of corrugated card cut from a used postal box.

This makes a unique, hand made edition to a vegan and/ eco conscious household. Foxes are one of the many animals who suffer at the hands of humans. Hunted for sport and killed for their fur in the fashion industry. I hope that this piece of art encourages kindness towards them .

🌎 I use second hand materials as a way to help our beautiful planet. Every new item created has an impact on the planet, so re using materials that already exist is a brilliant (and fun) way to help save our home 💕 Why buy newly produced paper or card products to paint on, when I already have a box?!

This piece of wall art measures at 21cm x15cm. (A5 size)

🌱As it is made from thick corrugated card and layered to be 3D, it is not suitable for a regular frame.
It has a string attached to the back which can be hooked over a nail and hung on to the wall or, it may fit in an A6 box frame. I would recommend hanging it on a wall where it will not get wet.

*Please note that my work is for personal use only and may not be copied or re sold.*

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    🌼 Please note that my artwork is for personal use and is not to be copied or re sold🌼


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