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Hand Painted Sew On Patch 'Be Kind to Your Mind' Women
  • Hand Painted Sew On Patch 'Be Kind to Your Mind' Women

    💛This patch is made from a pre loved pair of denim jeans and I have hand painted it using vegan friendly fabric paint. It is a unique piece or one- off artwork. Measures roughly 10cm round

    Patches can be washed at 30 degrees


    🧡These can be sewn on to jackets, bags or jeans and are a creative and colourful way to raise awareness and spread compassion. 


    💚Patches are sent in plastic free packaging 😊


    💜 Our emotional health is so important. We are all human and, along with that, complex a vast array of complex emotions and difficult feelings. Be kind to yourself. Make time for the practices and hobbies that lift you up and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Talk to people about how you are feeling. There is no shame in struggling in this intense, wonderful, confusing, worrying, hard, stunningly beautiful, joyful and sometimes unbearable human experience. Be kind to your mind. Lets get rid the 'taboo' around mental health! I never want to hear 'Chin up' or 'Get A grip' again! 


    🌸By supporting my work, you are not only supporting my family and my big dreams, but you are supporting the charities that I donate to through my work.  You can find out more about my charity work if you follow this link: 



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