Hand Painted Vegan Sew on Patch Fox 'Fur is not fashion'

Hand Painted Vegan Sew on Patch Fox 'Fur is not fashion'

💕This is a unique sew on patch made from pre loved denim jeans and hand painted with vegan friendly, non toxic fabric paint. I love to paint my activist artwork on to and using items that are second hand for the health of the planet.

🌸My painted patches are an amazing way to spread compassion and raise awareness for animal rights and environmental issues. Simply sew your patch on to your jacket or your bag and walk around! People will see them on the train, or in the shop or next to you at the festival and a little seed of change may be planted- better still, it might even spark a conversation and present an awesome opportunity to educate and spread the word about eco friendly living and veganism!

🌱The patches are fully washable. They can be machine washed up to 40 degrees or hand washed.

With good care, patches should last years

💕The patch measures at roughly 9cm round

  • Artwork uses

    🌼 Please note that my artwork is for personal use and is not to be copied or re sold🌼