'Let Go' Original Yoga Art on Recycled Hardboard

'Let Go' Original Yoga Art on Recycled Hardboard

💕'Let go' This piece is for fellow yoga lovers who know that incredible feeling of physical and emotional release when stretching out and opening the chest. 'Let go' refers to letting go of things that no longer serve us- letting go of feelings that keep us trapped in a negative mind space, letting go of the 'shoulds' that we carry with us and the things that weigh us down.  Letting go so that we can relax into a moment and feel the full blissful release. 

I have painted this piece on to recycled hardboard using a mix of eco paint and acrylic.  All of the paint is vegan friendly.

The painting has a string attached so that it can easily hang on a wall.

The painting size:  (H) 21 x  (W) 14.9 x  (D) 0.3 cm

🌼 I collect unwanted hardboard from people who have no use for it and want to throw it out. Instead of letting it head to landfill, I up-cycled it in to compassionate artwork!

*Please note that my work is for personal use only and may not be copied or re sold.*