Original Watercolour Painting 'Journey Within'

Original Watercolour Painting 'Journey Within'

🌸This is an original A4 painting called 'Journey Within'. Watercolour, acrylic and eco clay paint on FSC  certified watercolour paper.


☀️ I truly believe that, the more people can learn the power of mindfulness and meditation, the better our world will be. I want to encourage openness around mental health with my art work. Anxiety is a daily struggle in my life and practicing yoga, meditation and gratitude helps me more than I could put in to words. So I paint about it instead! 

🌼This piece illustrates the magic of meditation- a practice that can be a test of patience and perseverance, and once the magic reveals itself, it is extremely powerful and fulfilling.


The painting will be packaged in a compostable clear bag (made from plants not plastic) and sent in a cardboard envelope. 


297 x 210 mm


Please note that my artwork is for personal use only and may not be copied or re sold