Original Watercolour Painting (Macaw))

Original Watercolour Painting (Macaw))

This is an original watercolour painting of a beautiful colourful macaw.

I created it using watercolours, white acrylic and a black fine line pen on quality thick vegan friendly and FSC certified watercolour paper.

Height: 10 Inches; Width: 7 Inches

The painting comes packaged in a corn starch, compostable sleeve to keep it safe. This sleeve looks like plastic but it isn't! It's made from plants and biodegrades in both home and commercial compost making it very eco friendly.

This piece was created to raise awareness for Macaws. Did you know that most species of macaws are now endangered in the wild? Conservation programmes are in place to re introduce them to the wild. In the wild, they are threatened by the illegal pet trade and habitat loss.

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    🌼 Please note that my artwork is for personal use and is not to be copied or re sold🌼

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