Recycled Hardboard Original Painting Turtle

Recycled Hardboard Original Painting Turtle

💜  The sale of this piece will help to restore the coral reef 💜


🌞I hope this piece raises awareness for the endangered sea turtle.  Threats to sea turtles include plastic pollution, oil spills, climate change, food consumption, illegal trade and the loss of habitat such as coral reef.  The BIGGEST threat to sea turtles is bycatch- being tangled in fishing nets and captured in fishing gear making it difficult to swim up to the surface for air.

The painting size:

30.5 (height) x 21 (width)  x 0.3cm (depth)

🌌 This is an original painting on a sheet of recycled hard board. I find hardboard and other similar materials from people who are throwing out old furniture or selling off cuts from their DIY projects! No new hardboard is used.

The paints are vegan friendly.

*Please note that my work is for personal use only and may not be copied or re sold.*


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