Signed Original Acrylic on Canvas 'Meditate'

Signed Original Acrylic on Canvas 'Meditate'

Dimensions: Length: 76.2cm Height: 50.8 cm x Depth: 1.8 cm

'Meditate' Painting by Lisa Jo Skelly, 2020

This is an original signed acrylic painting on stretched canvas. I use only vegan friendly art supplies when I paint. (Watermarks are not on the actual painting). The painting is signed on the edge and again on the back of the canvas along with the name of the piece and the year it was created.

This painting could mean different things to different people. For me, it illustrates the depth of meditation. The feeling of being absorbed in to the surroundings and becoming one with everything- with the earth, with the universe. Boundaries between solid being and air and atmosphere blurring. 

I meditate daily and it is a brilliant practice for the mind. Once I had a truly incredible experience where I felt so light that I couldn't feel my physical body. I felt as though I was hovering as I couldn't feel the floor beneath me. My body was heavy- hands glued to my thighs, yet I was all light, I was the air. It was the only time I have ever fully been in one moment, completely and entirely. My breath being my anchor to reality. As I opened my eyes, calm washed over me- I felt my body again and felt the floor. That feeling of intense calm and content stayed with me for weeks after! This is what the painting illustrates.

I have used a mix of matt and metallic paints to create this work to give the painting a glow and shimmer when it hits the light. I use a mix of smooth brush strokes and textured stokes to illustrate the emotion of the piece. 

• All of my artwork is for personal use only and cannot be copied or re sold •