'When We Wake Up' Original, Signed Large Acrylic on Canvas

'When We Wake Up' Original, Signed Large Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions: Length: 80cm Height: 59 cm x Depth: 3.7 cm

'When We Wake Up' Painting by Lisa Jo Skelly, 2020


Acyclic on Box Canvas


This piece is about the moment when you become completely aware of how much we, as humans, take from the Earth at the cost of nature and the other species we share this home with. The moment we become completely aware of those destructive patterns of greed and power yet feel hopeless to change it- the task seems so large and out of control. And it’s about that terrible feeling when you realise that you are part of the species causing that destruction. That, to me, is heart breaking.

This is an original signed acrylic painting on stretched box canvas. I use only vegan friendly art supplies when I paint. (Watermarks are not on the actual painting). The painting is signed on the edge and again on the back of the canvas along with the name of the piece and the year it was created.