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vegan art

By Lisa Jo Skelly

vegan artist / Vegan Clothing / Sustainable Vegan / Eco Friendly Vegan Gifts


Hello & welcome to my world

I am a passionate vegan, environmentalist and yogi! 

I combine my love of art, animals, self care and the planet to spread compassion and raise awareness.


I am constantly in awe of our beautiful planet and the amazing animals we share it with. 

When i'm not painting, i'm walking through woodlands, dipping my toes in the sea, practicing yoga, growing vegetables and cooking yummy vegan food! 

If you would like to know more about my journey, you can learn more about my work here. 

Vegan art print elephant


vegan sew on patch


Vegan up cycled Jacket


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So so beautiful. Gives me tears just looking at it. Especially when being vegan myself. Art like this is so powerful and has such a true and important meaning! 


I definitely feel my heartstrings being pulled when I look at Lisa’s artwork. She speaks for the animals and you really feel and see it in her beautiful artwork. Thank you Lisa for giving a voice to the animals. You were given an amazing gift and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing it with us.


Incredible patch. Colors are vibrant. I am addicted to the fabulous art of this shop. Very happy with all of my patches. Each patch carries a beautiful message of love and kindness.