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For anyone who loves to create artwork and would like to sell work professionally.


A step by step guide to setting up an online shop, creating environmentally conscious art, supplies, mindset and more


About Lisa

I am an artist living in a small seaside town in the South of England.  My life is currently made up of cuddles with my toddler, growing vegetables and flowers, filling bird feeders, walking through forests, lazy baking and savouring solitary moments. 

I create artwork inspired by my passion for living gently and compassionately. I have been plant based for almost 10 years now! I have developed a simple, slow life, being mindful of the planet and taking care to be kind to our home and the animals we share it with. I also paint about my passion for nature,  motherhood, wellbeing and, well, anything else that takes my fancy!
I use my artwork to spread kindness, love, compassion and hopefully, raise some awareness along the way. 

I also have an Etsy shop. If you would rather shop on Etsy, click HERE

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