By Lisa Jo Skelly

Donating to animal rights charities and Vegan sanctuaries

Planting trees and helping to restore the coral reef

Up-cycling and recycling for the planet



Hello & welcome to my world

I am a passionate vegan and environmentalist. 

I combine my love of art, animals and the planet to spread compassion and raise awareness.


I am constantly in awe of our beautiful planet and the amazing animals we share it with. 

When i'm not painting, i'm walking through woodlands, dipping my toes in the sea, practicing yoga, growing vegetables and cooking yummy vegan food! 

If you would like to know more about my journey, you can learn more about my work here. 

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As a self employed artist without the funds to advertise, I rely on social media to grow my business, but I feel like social media has bad side effects on my emotional wellbeing and mental health.  Therefore, I want to be able to move away from social media all together! How wonderful would it feel to delete it completely and live a life without scrolling and notification 'buzzes'. So i've come up with two ways to do this. The first is to encourage more people to sign up to my Newsletter so that I can have an email audience, just 3 times a month instead of daily instagram posts. Secondly,  I've set up a KOFI account so people can support me for the price of a coffee, allowing me to raise the funds I need to advertise my work away from social media platforms (such as buying stall space at markets and events)

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