97% Introverted: A Journey of Self Discovery

Sometimes you don't have to go anywhere to embark upon a journey and, last year, I embarked upon a pretty life changing one!


Last year (2020), a global pandemic forced us all to stay indoors, unable to venture out to explore or meet our friends and families. I listened to and read about many people who were struggling with this sudden change, missing social interactions and feeling trapped. However, I felt the opposite. Even though I missed my close friends and family, I felt completely free for the first time in my life. I have always felt very overwhelmed with big social gatherings and the things that are supposed to be 'fun' like parties, weddings, drinks out with friends In busy bars and bustling venues- in fact any gathering of more than 6 people would completely overwhelm me and sometimes result in a panic attack. Small talk, having to shout over mus